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Amena Baki Residential Model School



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The school:

A very successful project of A B Foundation is Amena Baki Residential Model School (ABRMS) located at Chirirbandar upazilla, in the district of Dinajpur. It is situated far away from the capital city Dhaka (450 km) and near to the Indian border. Most of people of those territories are underprivileged and their women and children are deprived of modern education and healthcare facilities.

The school commenced in 2000. It is the only residential model school in the remote area having 650 students. Out of these, 150 students are residents. There are 350 boys and 270 girls.

The School has been founded with the vision to provide high quality education to the children of the rural area. The school seeks to be self funding, multi-faith and coeducational -- offering an opportunity to children who would normally, through poverty, have restricted access to a good education.

The total land area of the school is 5 acres. Currently there are 4 academic buildings, one recreation hall, 2 boys' hostels and 1 girls' hostel to accommodate these students.


The Amena Baki Residential Model School

Academic results:

The academic results of the students are excellent having being awarded the highest number of recent government and private scholarships in the district. The students who are from the poorest families, proved their quality though their constraints of life.

The school aims to teach life skills through a holistic approach to education. Here students learn not only the traditional academic learning. They also learn the moral values of life, secularism, respect to human and motherland, sentiment of our liberation war and relevant history. Every school claims to teach their students these things, but in ABRMS, the students practice these values in their personal life.

In the remote area of Bangladesh, where electricity is difficult to avail, the students learn the use of computer from the beginning. For each class, computer literacy is a must. It was out of the imagination for the students who live in a remote area like Chirir Bander.

The teachers are improving their skill through interchange of ideas in teaching skills with Australia. The students are benefiting from a different approach resulting in improved performance in academic and co-curricular activities.

It is really impressive that the pride of the school, the confidence of the students with their promising academic and extra-curricular activities are growing beyond expectations. The teaching staffs are encouraged by the improved outcomes.

As the local people see the rapid development of the school, development of  surrounding area is also growing rapidly. This is how the school is contributing to the development of the whole area and the community.


The result of the students of ABRMS was very successful in some recent primary and junior scholarship examinations.

In 2004, ABRMS got the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 6th position in the upazilla in primary scholarship. In 2005, the school secured 2nd, 3rd, 5th position (overall) and 1st position among girls in the upazilla in primary scholarship.

In the same year, 1st position in junior scholarship in the upazilla was from ABRMS.

The substantial progress of the academic results attracts the students from surrounding region and even from some other school.

Result in the upazilla kindergarten scholarship is also very successful in recent years.


Extracurricular activities:

The extra curricular activities of the students are also very successful.

In 2005, the students of ABRMS were district champion in Interschool Volleyball Championship.

The students who are doing very well in the school are also very good at their home helping their parents in the household tasks. Sometimes they get involved in the farming and other major livelihood earning job.

In fact they have to struggle for their life. Unless the support of the school, they could not get in touch with the light of the education in the remote village of Chirir Bander.

These children learn their academic lessons as well as the manners of struggle for existence.

ABRMS would like to bring these poor, under privileged bright children in the front line of the society and thus bring a social change. We expect to produce leaders for tomorrow.

Poverty alleviation is not possible overnight. A B Foundation thinks about it in a holostic approach through the opportunity for education.

Facilities for resident students:

  • Pleasant resident system

  • Meals are served according to the age of the student

  • High security system for both boys and girls

  • Neat and clean life style

  • Fluent English speaking capability

Rules of school fees:

  • Poor students may get full free studentship
  • Fee paying students are charged according to the rules of the school
  • Resident students are charged 1350 BDT per month
  • Poor resident students may be accommodated free of charge
  • School and hostel charges are to be paid within the first 10 days of each month

Some special features of the school:

At 3 monthly intervals the organization arranges health check-up programs for all students of the school with the help of experienced physicians. To provide a balanced education, the school provides study tours, tree plantation, excursion tours, annual drama and cultural program, annual sports day for the students.

For the development of their academic career, the school conducts weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual examinations. Parent meetings are held after every examination to inform and discuss student's progress and explain how guardians can improve the standard of their children's work.

Appeal for the school:

The number of students are increasing every year by 20 percent. Applications for admission are increasing every year due to the amazing results and the success of the students. The school has not adequate facilities for the operation of its works in expanded scale. New academic building and hostels are needed.

Any national or international development organizations are welcome here to share our vision to achieve the goals of development for the benefit of these poor children.

Message from the Director, Education of AB Foundation
Md Shamsul Haque
Director, Education, A B Foundation

After retirement from the Residential Model College, Dhaka, Mr Shamsul Haque agreed to join ABRMS to assist the school board. The school has benefited from his years of teaching and administrative experience.

Amena Baki Residential Model School is a model for education for the poor and underprivileged in the remote area of Chirir Bander in Dinajpur. The progress of the school is excellent in a short period.
After my retirement from the Residential Model School in Dhaka, I accepted the challenge of assisting the ABRMS in the rural area. For the last two years I concentrated on the development of teaching standards resulting in improvement of the quality of the students. In fact, I was inspired by the students and work of the school.
The education of the students at ABRMS is a bit different. The students learn about how to be a complete individual. This makes me encouraged to work for the school.

Message from the Principal of Amena Baki Residential Model School
Md Mizanur Rahman
Principal, Amena Baki Residential Model School

From the opening day of the school with 150 students to the present day having 650 students, the school has been successful. I am really proud of being with the first residential model school in the remote area of Dinajpur.
The success of the school was always a challenge for me. The teaching staffs are very dedicated and sincere to their service. At the same time, the rules and regulations of the school are strictly maintained. As a result, the students are doing very well both in academic and extracurricular activities.
The philosophy of the foundation helps the students to learn about the wider world.

Watch more activities of the school from photo gallery  >>



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